When is the best time to bring in PR?

Public relations is most effective when a practitioner is brought in during the planning stages of any project. If you want PR results or media coverage from something you are doing, you need one of us around the table right from the start.

As an example, I was asked to advise on media opportunities for a charitable golf tournament – just four weeks before it was to take place. I suggested some media sponsorship opportunities or perhaps having a media personality MC the dinner during this exclusive event. Unfortunately, because all the spots in the tournament were already taken and an MC was in place, there were no opportunities to engage any new media in the event, apart from the existing community newspaper sponsor.

Alternatively, with another client, I was brought in during the planning stages of an announcement and was able to steer him toward creating an appropriate style of event that would benefit his organization through positive PR, his sponsors, the winners of the contest he initiated, and media. The results were spectacular with media literally overflowing out into the hallway – resulting in coverage by eight media outlets. I am now working with this client to improve the PR benefits he and the sponsors will receive from next year’s contest during the nomination stage through to announcing the results.

The lesson here is that organizations’ PR activities will always be the most successful when public relations practitioners are involved from the conceptual stages through to completion. If you want results, you need to invite us to those initial meetings.

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