Brenda Jones offers expertise in:

Strategic Public Relations – Starting with an organization’s goals, mission and values,
and creating a public relations plan to best support achieving those goals.

Media Relations – Working with media to obtain quality news coverage, as well as conducting media training with clients’ spokespeople and staff.

Marketing Communications – Supporting advertising and sales goals with clever marketing communications and PR.

Community Relations – Creating dialogue with community stakeholders and elevating an organization’s position in the community.

Crisis Communications – Advising and strategizing to provide crucial, accurate information,
and well-crafted messaging in a timely manner during a crisis.

Website Analysis & Social Media – Ensuring you are making a positive impression from the first time someone lands on your website, and that the resources you deploy toward social media are used strategically.

Strategic Corporate Philanthropy – Guiding organizations in deciding how and what charitable causes to support, so that they receive the maximum PR benefit from donations or sponsorships.

Writing & Editing – Providing engaging storytelling and strong writing skills for press releases, backgrounders, brochures, proposals, annual reports, fundraising materials, news and feature articles, advertorials, etc.