Welcome to Nyac Public Relations

Public relations is as much about shaping public perceptions as it is about influencing organizations’ leaders toward actions that will have a positive impact on their reputation within their industry, and with stakeholders, government, the community and potential customers. In creating Nyac Public Relations, I am interested in working for organizations that are dedicated to [...]

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How to Survive a Crisis

A company’s brand and reputation normally takes years to build, but in just one day it can be put at risk in the face of a crisis. If a crisis isn’t handled properly, it can have detrimental affects on the entire company, from the frontline staff to the shareholders, and sometimes an entire industry can [...]

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PR Tips Radio Interview

I was delighted to share some PR tips with professional writers on Charmaine Hammond’s Your Book as a Business blog talk radio show: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/your-book-as-a-business/2013/02/27/guest-brenda-jones. Charmaine is the author of best-selling book “On Toby’s Terms.”
If you are interested in taking me up on my offer of a one-hour PR strategy session and a copy of my [...]

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How to be a Best-Selling Author

Last week, I sponsored and attended an outstanding workshop offered through eWomenNetwork called “How to be a Best-Selling Author & Treat Your Book as a Business.” Advising nearly 50 aspiring and published authors were best-selling Canadian authors, professional speakers, and marketing powerhouses Teresa De Grosbois and Charmaine Hammond.
Both were down to earth, gracious, and [...]

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Lessons for Success: Be Authentic

If there is one person in Vancouver known for discovering and building the careers of some famously successful musicians, it’s Terry McBride, CEO and founding partner of Nettwerk Music Group. Nettwerk started in McBride’s Vancouver apartment nearly three decades ago, and now has offices LA, New York, Boston, Nashville, London and Hamburg.
Last year, I [...]

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Proactive vs. Reactive Communication

As a public relations professional, I normally prefer to err on the side of proactive communications and setting up realistic expectations versus taking a reactive approach, especially if it means addressing disappointments.
I’ll give you an example: I live in a brand-new townhouse complex, made up of seven units. Early this morning I noticed that [...]

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Correct Terminology Matters

I am not someone who habitually writes to businesses about their ad campaigns. However, I made an exception today, after hearing a commercial on a local radio station advertising a new restaurant.
The restaurant owner is the voice of the ad, and he speaks warmly about the local ingredients going into the food, the homemade desserts, [...]

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Nyac Public Relations Announces Sponsorship

I am pleased to announce a partnership between Nyac Public Relations, eWomen Network, and best-selling authors Charmaine Hammond and Teresa de Grosbois. Nyac Public Relations is sponsoring these two talented authors’ one-day workshop: “How to Be a Best-Selling Author & Treat Your Book as a Business” on Friday, February 8, 2013 in Metro Vancouver.

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